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The socio-economic environment

In 2006, the employed population represented 46.86% of the total population, a value that emphasizes the reduced human potential of this space .Regarding the employment distribution on economic activities, there is a very high percentage of the agricultural field, which highlights the functional profile of the settlements from  the  Natural Park Putna- Vrancea .


Thus, most of the inhabitants of the villages from the Natural Park Putna -Vrancea  (70.9% of employment) are involved in activities in the agricultural field (crop and livestock).
 The population employed in industry was,in 2002, of 6.4% of total employment, the highest  percentage being that of the activities in the wood industry and food industry.
The education integrates 2.8% of the population employed in Tulnici village, their percentage is in relation to the number of schools and school population.
The trade and tourism are still poorly developed in the Natural Park Putna Vrancea , although the percentage of people involved in these activities has increased to 4.3%.



The transport and telecommunications represent 3.9% from the  employment.
What it draws the attention is the strong increase in the number of people involved in construction (7.6% in 2002 from 3.2% in 1992), due to the development of this sector in the area.
By analyzing the structure of employment it can be appreciated that the main functional profile is the agricultural one,the related activities are still very poorly represented (forestry, tourism, trade).